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Mariner Industries Established 1982

Mariner Industries Inc.

Mariner Industries Inc. was started in 1982 by Michael C. Marra, a US-Navy Veteran. Prior to the forming of Mariner Industries Inc., ┬áMichael C. Marra was the Facilities Manager at Todd’s Ship Yard in Brooklyn, NY. Mariner Industries Inc. was originally formed to build & repair marine vehicles & waterfront locations. Since then, Mariner Industries has developed into a company that can handle many different types of specialty construction, including but not limited to, Group Home & Treatment Facility Construction & Repair work. With over 25 years experience working on Group Homes & Treatment Facilities, we have become extremely familiar with their needs & regulations. Our Mechanics & Technicians are educated & trained in their fields of expertise. Mariner Industries Inc. now has 2 locations, and is licensed & Insured to work in New York & New Jersey.

Our technicians are on call 5 days a week, and usually show up to a house call within 24 hours.

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